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Barillec Marine and Cegelec SDEM Marine join the Actemium brand

On the occasion of the essential Euromaritime exhibition, which brings together industrial players in the sector, Actemium Marine celebrates its new brand in the presence of its customers and partners in Marseille on January 31, 2024.


In a context of development in its marine-related markets, particularly with the challenge of decarbonizing maritime and river transport, VINCI Energies has decided to bring together its historic companies dedicated to the sector under its Actemium brand.


Since January 1, Barillec Marine and Cegelec SDEM Marine, specialized in naval electricity for ships under construction or in operation, have become Actemium Marine and are united under the joint management of Olivier Sanquer, director at VINCI Energies.


With the aim of strengthening its proximity to its customers and specializing its activities, Actemium Marine will:

  • Strengthen its position as a national leader while asserting its international ambitions
  • Confirm your ability on engaging projects
  • Intensify complementarities between your companies


By joining the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to industry, Actemium Marine companies will be better connected with the 400 other Actemium companies present in 43 countries. They will benefit in particular from the sharing of expertise regularly led by cross-functional teams (national and international clubs, learning expeditions, etc.)


Actemium Marine’s offering and companies will now be organized and identified along three axes:

  • Construction, to address shipbuilding sites, or river refit
  • The Service, to address shipowners and ship repair yards
  • Specialties, to support Construction or Service, or carry out independent offers.


Actemium Marine has 200 employees in 10 local companies, long-term partners of their customers. Their expertise ranges from preliminary engineering to vessel operation and maintenance.